A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the BTP Jam 2018


As an action text adventure, you must quickly type in commands to tell your ship what to do in order to survive the enemies and obstacles you will encounter, featuring different difficulties, a high score system, and thumping electronic music.




DJ Fresh- X-Project (100% Pure Mix)

Sound Effects:





Everything Else:



Command Line (BTPJam2018).zip 4 MB


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Thanks for playing! The dash can definitely be a little buggy, especially cause it's an instant jump and it's not always clear what happened. As for the bullet enemies, I liked the moments of really fast typing were you need to type shield, shoot, and some times even jump all in succession, it feels cool to think ahead and pull off that maneuver, but a lives system might have been a little less punishing. Thanks for playing though, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! (Also, the C code is actually the net code for the original Doom)

Hey, no problem! A lives system is a great idea, and that's super cool you put the Doom code in there. Nice Easter egg.